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Virtuous sola nobilitas

Virtue is the only nobility

To punish and enslave...
11 August 1978

I hail from the fair land of New York. I currently reside in beautiful Lakenheath, UK

40's, 80's, air force, alaska, alternative universe's, ancient egypt, anime, anita blake, anubis, army of darkness, art, artisan bread, artisan chocolate, astoria, avante garde, baking, bayside, beef, ben nye, biotherm, bitching, books, boots, bread, charcuterie, charlie in the box, cheese, christopher walken, colombian food, colonial history, complaining, computers, cooking, corsets, crafts, cuban heel stockings, dan brown, demons, digital photography, douglas adams, draco malfoy, drawn together, eyebrows, family guy, fantasy, final fantasy, flushing ny, food, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, futurama, gaelic, garde manger, george w. bush, goonies, greece, greek food, greek language, h.r. giger, harry potter, health, hello kitty, hi fashion makeup, highland mills ny, hitchhikers.guide.to.the.galaxy., illuminati, italian, italian cooking, italy, jack mcfarland, japan, japanimation, julian sands, karen walker, kero keroppi, ketchikan, knights of colombus, language, languages, las vegas, latex, laurell k hamilton, law, learning, leela, lord of the rings, lucious malfoy, mac cosmetics, makeup application, meat, merry gentry, military, misanthrope's, monroe ny, movies, nellis afb, new york, nutrition, ocd, omd, otherland series, painting, pastry arts, patriotism, phillip j. fry, photography, photos, playstation2, pro-choice, professor snape, ps2, ps3, pvc, queens ny, ranting, reading, red hair, republicans, sanrio, sci-fi, science fiction, sculpting, secret societies, sewing, sex, shoes, slytherin, soul food, spandeu ballet, tad williams, the cure, the last unicorn, the prophecy, time travel, todd mcfarlane, tool, weight loss